Developing The Future

BrainChild Innovation, LLC  develops value-added Acute Anomaly and Object Detection Artificial Intelligence Software, known as Machine Learning Algorithms and Deep Learning for multiple industry verticals, integrated with various technology solutions.

  • Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles- Aerial (UAV), Ground (UGV), Marine (UUV)
  • Cloud Products & Services (IBM, AWS, GCP) & Bare Metal Servers
  • Embedded IoT Solutions for Smart City and Smart Region Management
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Devices
  • Quantum Computing (5,14,20 cubit systems)
Industries we serve:
Energy, Utilities, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Forestry Management, Construction, Security, Healthcare, Transportation, along with Smart City/Smart Region Initiatives & City/State/Federal Agencies.

Andrew O. Pratt

Founder and Chief Executive Officer



Wind Turbine Infrastructure Inspection Machine Learning Model

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