Developing The Future

BrainChild Innovation, LLC provides cloud-powered Artificial Intelligence Software, Autonomous Robotics and IoT Solutions for Aerial, Ground, or Underwater Nondestructive Testing and Asset Monitoring:

  • Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles- Aerial, Ground, and Marine
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models- Detect Acute Anomalies & Specific Objects
  • Bare Metal and Virtual GPU Servers, Cloud Products & Services (IBM, AWS, GCP)
  • Embedded IoT Solutions for rural and urban environments
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Device Interfacing
  • Routine Hardware/Software Update & Maintenance Service Agreement options
Industries we serve:
Smart City and Smart Region Initiatives, Utilities/Energy Markets, Agriculture, Forestry Management, and City/State/Federal Agencies.

Andrew O. Pratt

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Aneesh Sharma Ph.D 

Robotics Engineer Ph.D. and Chief Technology Officer