BrainChild Innovation is competing in AlphaPilot – Lockheed Martin 2019 AI Drone Racing Innovation Challenge!

AlphaPilot is the first large-scale open innovation challenge of its kind focused on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy.

BrainChild Innovation is a startup located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California made up of a group of software and hardware engineer experts with backgrounds in robotics, aerospace, computer vision, neural networks, and image classification. 

As a member of NVIDIA’s Inception startup accelerator, we have familiarized ourselves with industry-leading Jetson AGX autonomous system hardware and software to be used in the competition. 

Our goal for this competition is to challenge ourselves and refine our understanding for industrialized uses of autonomous drone technology. If you have a use for an autonomous drone in your business and would like to partner or you want to sponsor our AlphaPilot team, please feel free to email us directly!

Download our Sponsorship Document here